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Blended Families

Learn the key things to happily Blending Families, connecting and finding secure emotional bonds in the new family system.

Pursuers and Withdrawers

Rather than repeat the same fight again and again, identify what your attachment style is. Do you fight for connection? Do you get angry, blame or criticize your partner? If so you pursue for connection. Your behaviors may cause your partner to withdraw. If you are a withdrawer, you tend to quiet down, worry that if you say one more thing, you will only make your partner more angry. When you know your style, you can make change.

What is a Master Couple?

What do successful couples do to stay connected?

Master couples make each other the most important person in the world. They nurture their relationship first, and the children second. They listen to each other, they care about each other. They are greater than the sum of their parts.

Parenting: The Next Level

When parenting, it’s important to remember that your number one goal is to maintain your relationship with your partner. It’s all too easy to elevate your children and let them run the household in a sense.  Children feel much safer when they see their parents are connected. Ultimately, the goal is for your children to leave the house and for you to be left with your partner in a healthy, loving and supporting relationship.

Knowing When to Leave

Knowing When to Leave is a really tough subject. What’s important to do first is slow down, and really sit down and think about if you are really connected with your partner. Do you trust them? If your body is giving you the feeling that you cannot trust someone then this is not a healthy situation. Negative relationships are bad for you, period. We have the ability to choose our life partners. Make sure they make you feel loved, comfortable and safe!