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Attunement Tips

Ok, you ask what is attunement??

Attunement means you are listening, feeling and aware of your partner’s experiences. You have a sense of whether he or she is happy, sad, fearful, frustrated etc. Being attuned means you ask about how he or she is feeling. Finding out what is happening in their lives from a non-defensive, judging place. You make it safe for your partner to talk about their deeper fears, hurts, and experiences. Bridging the space between one another by asking about your partner is the best way to connect and be available emotionally.

Being available emotionally doesn’t mean you need to solve his or her problems. You just need to be there and listen empathically. By doing this, you show that you care, love and have concern for your partner. That is attunement!

Fabulous Presidential Couple



Power Couple! How fabulous are President Obama and First Lady Michelle? We couldn’t have a more handsome, loving couple in the White House. They look super connected, electric and entirely supportive of one another. Let’s be honest, they are hot!

The Small Gestures Matter



We all need to touch, we have 18 square feet of skin on our bodies. Simply holding hands can help with our loved one helping to calm and center us. We call this co-regulation. The key here is we don’t self soothe, we co-regulate.

Delight in Your Partner’s Experience



We forget sometimes to just slow down and enjoy it when our partner is having fun, happy or just proud. Be in it with our spouse, feel their joy and attune to their positive feelings. You will feel better and he or she will feel understood and seen and heard. Something we are all yearning for!

Love is in the Air! Valentine’s Day is Coming!



Valentine’s is a great opportunity to do something special, romantic and maybe a little surprising. Strawberries in bed! Or write your lover a sweet note and slip it in a pocket to be discovered later… Just letting him or her know that you are thinking about them is touching and important.

2013 January 15, Featuring Jill Fitzburgh, Talking About Sex and Intimacy

Trevor and Jill Fitzburgh discuss Laurie Watson’s new book, Wanting Sex Again: How to Rediscover Your Desire and Heal a Sexless Marriage. Callers join in on this interesting discussion on reconnecting in the bedroom.

Forty million American women are frustrated by their lack of sexual passion. They know something’s missing—and their partners know it, too—but the emotional, physical, and mental obstacles to healthy desire can be a knot that seems too tangled to unravel.

Drawing on twenty years of clinical experience, Laurie Watson shows that it really is possible to restore the thrill of sex, using proven psychological methods and personal accounts from actual therapy sessions.

Her strategies will:
• Offer a glimpse into the reality of other people’s bedrooms
• Address the sexual problems that can develop with life changes—from marriage to motherhood to menopause
• Uncover the hidden factors that impact desire—stress, cultural messages, emotional connection, chemical and hormonal challenges, physical appearance issues, and more
• Show how joyful, meaningful, satisfying sex can be yours again

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2013 January 8, Featuring Sam Sommers, Author of Situations Matter, and Dr. David Reiss

Guest: Sam Sommer, author of Situations Matter.

The world around you is pulling your strings, shaping your private thoughts and innermost instincts. And you don’t even realize it.

Sam Sommers is an award-winning teacher and researcher of social psychology at Tufts University outside Boston.  Trevor speaks with Sam about his new book, Situations Matter, Sam Sommers regarding his book Situations Matter and how each of us has the power to make change when we became aware.

His research specialties include how people think, communicate, and behave in diverse settings, as well as psychological perspectives on the U.S. legal system. At Tufts, Sam is known for his engaging lecture style and has won multiple teaching awards, including being selected by the Student Senate as the Professor of the Year in 2009.

Guest: Dr. David Reiss, renowned psychiatrist speaking about adolescents and prescription medications.

In light of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, Dr. David Reiss joins us to discuss psychiatric medications and adolescent children. Dr. Reiss has been a practicing psychiatrist for 25 years, specializing in “front-line” adult and adolescent psychiatric care.  He is recognized internationally for expertise in character and personality dynamics.
Dr. Reiss has been invited to participate in numerous lectures and publications in academic journals and newsletters on understanding the significance of character and personality traits in regards to business organizations, personal development, medical and mental health treatment, socio-political systems, and sports / entertainment industries.
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2012 December 18, Featuring Susan Fales-Hill, Author of Imperfect Bliss

Guest: Susan Fales-Hill, Author of Imperfect Bliss, One Flight Up, and Always Wear Joy

Susan Fales-Hill’s newest book, Imperfect Bliss, is a fresh, engaging, and wickedly funny take on the ways that courtship and love have changed-even as they’ve stayed the same.

Susan is an award-winning television writer and producer (The Cosby Show, Suddenly Susan, and A Different World) and the author of One Flight Up and the acclaimed memoir Always Wear Joy. She is a contributing editor at Essence, and her writing has also appeared in Vogue, Town & Country, and Good Housekeeping.

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