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The Small Gestures Matter



We all need to touch, we have 18 square feet of skin on our bodies. Simply holding hands can help with our loved one helping to calm and center us. We call this co-regulation. The key here is we don’t self soothe, we co-regulate.

Delight in Your Partner’s Experience



We forget sometimes to just slow down and enjoy it when our partner is having fun, happy or just proud. Be in it with our spouse, feel their joy and attune to their positive feelings. You will feel better and he or she will feel understood and seen and heard. Something we are all yearning for!

Love is in the Air! Valentine’s Day is Coming!



Valentine’s is a great opportunity to do something special, romantic and maybe a little surprising. Strawberries in bed! Or write your lover a sweet note and slip it in a pocket to be discovered later… Just letting him or her know that you are thinking about them is touching and important.