2013 November 5, Featuring Reverend Laura Whitmore, Tiffany Garrity, Karen Amster-Young & Pam Godwin

November 11th, 2013

Guest: Reverend Laura Whitmore and Tiffany Garrity from Rooms with a View.

Reverend Laura Whitmore of Southport Congregational Church in Southport, CT, and event co-chair Tiffany Garrity joined Trevor to talk about this year’s designer showcase. The event, held annually, is the brainchild of the late and great Interior Designer Albert Hadley.

Guest: Karen Amster-Young and Pam Godwin, co-authors of The 52 Weeks, Two Women and Their Quest to Get Unstuck.

Edging into forty-something, Karen and Pam found themselves in a state of stuck. They had checked off many of their major life goals-career, husband, children, friends-but they lost momentum. After griping over drinks one night, they came up with a plan to face their fears, rediscover their interests, renew their relationships, and give back to the community. They challenged themselves to try one new thing every week for a year-from test-driving Maseratis to rock climbing to dance lessons-and to blog about their journeys.

Karen Amster-Young is a marketing and public relations veteran and has amassed many PR awards, including a spot on PR Week’s “Forty PR Stars under Forty” at age thirty-three. She is also a freelance writer. Karen lives with her husband and daughter in New York City.

Pam Godwin began her career as a caseworker for a nonprofit refugee reset­tlement agency. After getting her master’s degree in elementary education, she taught in New York City public schools as a classroom teacher and literacy specialist. She lives with her husband and children in New York City.

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