2013 May 21, Featuring Dr. Marlene Watson and Ray Arata

May 24th, 2013

Guest: Dr. Marlene Watson, author of Facing the Black Shadow

Dr. Marlene Watson is one of the country’s foremost African American couple and family therapist. Her book, Facing the Black Shadow, is an intimate look at how black families, couples and individuals struggle against the pervasive belief in black inferiority – the “black shadow.” This groundbreaking book offers a new way to challenge that belief and move from self-blame and self-hate to understanding and empowerment.

Dr. Marlene F. Watson is the former Chair and Associate Professor in the Couple and Family Therapy Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia. A licensed couple and family therapist with a private practice, she is also a former columnist for Heart & Soul Magazine. Marlene is a collector of African and African American art and she delights in mentoring African American and multi-racial young adults.

Guest: Ray Arata, creator of ARATAcode.com author of Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up: Transforming Your Wake-Up Call Into Emotional Health and Happiness

Because he feels deeply the pain caused by immature men abusing themselves and their worlds, Ray Arata has chosen to be an advocate for Emotional Maturity and Accountability for men. Ray works to offer men in crisis with the tools to empower them with practical guidance to prevent and resolve conflict in their families, workplaces and communities. By 2015 Ray’s missions is to provide 1 million men in crisis practical guidance, tools and inspiration for emotional maturity and accountability to prevent and resolve conflict in their families, workplaces and communities.

Ray Arata is an integrative leadership coach, diversity consultant and cultural facilitator, fascinated by a potent and strategic blend of leadership,diversity and culture in the workplace. In addition to his coaching and consulting practice, Ray is an author and speaker, dedicated to his mission of  empowering men to step authentically  into their roles as fathers, husbands, leaders, businessmen and friend.

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