2013 March 26, Featuring Ivy Larson & Dr. Andrew Larson, Authors of Clean Cuisine, and Nataly Kelly, Co-Author of Found in Translation

April 3rd, 2013

Guest: Ivy Larson and Dr. Andrew Larson, authors of Clean Cuisine.

The Clean Cuisine Anti-Inflammatory Diet bridges the gap between what we should eat, what tastes good, what is best for our bodies and what is actually doable in the real world. It encourages a sustainable way of eating that is in sync with the needs of our bodies and the environment. It encourages nourishing your body unrefined foods packaged in their most natural and nutrient-rich state. This means you should choose whole foods that are unadulterated…just the way nature intended.

Andrew Larson, MD, is a board-certified general, laparoscopic, and bariatric surgeon, one of only a few hundred physicians in the world currently directing an internationally certified “Center of Excellence” program offering weight loss surgery. Dr. Larson presently works in Palm Beach County, Florida, where he serves as medical director for JFK Medical Center’s Bariatric Wellness and Surgical Institute and as president of the Palm Beach County Medical Society.

Ivy Larson is an American College of Sports Medicine certified Health Fitness Specialist, bestselling author, TV personality, recipe developer, and “Clean Cuisine” cooking instructor.

Guest: Nataly Kelly, co-author of Found in Translation.

Translation affects every aspect of your life – and we’re not just talking about the obvious things, like world politics and global business. Translation affects you personally, too. The books you read, movies you watch, foods you eat. Even your looks and, yes, your love life. Translation influences everything from holy books to hurricane warnings, poetry to peace treaties. It’s needed by both the masses and the millionaires. Translation converts the words of dictators and diplomats, princes and pop stars, bus drivers and baseball players. Translation fuels the global economy, prevents wars, and stops the outbreak of disease. From tummy tucks to terrorist threats, it’s everywhere.

Nataly Kelly is a researcher and advisor in the areas of language services and international business.With a background in sociolinguistics, she writes and speaks about the impact of language on society at large, linking translation and interpreting to broader social, political, and economic issues. She is also the author of Telephone Interpreting: A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession, a book about over-the-phone interpretation, and frequently contributes to academic publications.

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