2013 August 27, Featuring Philip Eliasoph and Dave Shields

September 4th, 2013

Guest: Philip Eliasoph, Professor of Art History at Fairfield University

Philip Elisaoph was appointed in 1975 as the first full-time Art Historian to join Fairfield University’s faculty in the early years of the Fine Arts Department, now the Visual & Performing Arts. Appreciating that most students arrive in the classroom with a minimal or passive understanding of art history’s wonderfully rich heritage of icons, idols and images – he impresses everybody to learn the class motto: “Art Really Matters!”

Philip and his wife Yael will be leading a trip of students, alumni and lifelong learners to Italy in January 2014 to learn about art, eat fabulous food and learn all things Italian!

Guest: Dave Shields, author of Term Limits: A Evolutionary Fix for Marriage

Dave Shields has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines and is the author of three novels, The Pendulum’s PathThe Race, and The Tour, and coauthor of Saul Raisin’s biography, Tour de Life. He’s also served as a bicycle racing analyst for networks including CNN, Fox News, and ESPN, plus hundreds of national and local television and radio programs.

With society evolving at an unbelievable pace and new technologies giving us instant access to information, the institution of marriage is simply not keeping up, and millions of people are prevented from reaching their highest potential. By introducing the concept of “term limits” into a marriage contract, these changes and the development of individual freedoms are more widely considered in the drawing of an agreement—arguably the most important relationship a person will enter in their lifetime—that has ironically been almost void of thought at inception. The system introduced in this book examines the objectives of marriage and creates an arrangement to support, rather than undermine, those goals, at a time when the definition of marriage could not be more critical.

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