2012 September 4, Featuring Katherine Snedaker, founder of SportsCAPP and proponent of concussion awareness and Financial Advisor Louis Donato speaking about financial compatibility and couples.

September 4th, 2012

Guest: Katherine Snedaker, founder of SportsCAPP and leader in concussion awareness for parents, students, and schools through public speaking, consulting, and social media outreach.

Katherine is the founder of SportsCAPP, which is designed to help recreational teams, town leagues and private schools build concussion awareness into their programs for players, coaches, and parents. She designed this website around her concern with middle school aged athletes who are not covered by CT Concussion Law since they play in private or town leagues rather than in public middle schools where they would be protected by the law.

She has been working with CT and NY lacross leagues for several years and hopes to bring concussion awareness to teams from other sports across the state. Katherine is also the founder of Team Concussion, a social media/web based support group for teenagers with concussions.

Guest: Louis Donato, financial advisor, speaking on how to assess your financial compatibility with your spouse.

Are you and your spouse/partner on the same page financially? Listen in to financial advisor Louis Donato discuss how to assess financial compatibility.

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