2012 October 2, Featuring Neal Brodsky and Julie Gotlieb, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists from Love Life Counseling, and Robert Wahlberg, Producer of the Reality Show “Boston Medal”

October 2nd, 2012

Guest: Neal Brodsky and Judy Gotlieb, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists from Love Live Counseling.

Couple Neal and Judy work both together and separately, with individuals, couples and families to help energize, focus and ground. Family therapy for the body, mind and spirit allows for guidance in a non-judgmental, caring way in the direction of embracing change while providing experienced professional support.

Neal Brodsky, MPA, MA, LMFT. Specialties include body centered therapy, couples therapy, and helping children and teens. He is also the author the book of poetry called The Manual of Divorce.

Judy Gotlieb, LMT, MA, LMFT. Specialites include couples therapy, remarriage and blended families, and love life coaching. She is also the co-creator of the Connecticut Core Energetics training program in Mind-Body Healing in conjunction with the Institute of Core Energetics.

Guest: Robert Wahlberg, Producer of the New Reality Show “Boston Medal” on the National Geographic Channel.

The older brother of Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg has switched gears from acting to take on the role of producer. National Geographic recently aired the pilot episode of his new show, “Boston Medal,” which chronicles the happenings of ECO Recycling Systems of Brockton, Massachusetts.

Brockton is the working class-town of the self-proclaimed “fighting Morisseys” – owners of ECO Recycling Systems, on of Brockton’s most competitive, most successul, and all-around most colorful scrap metal recycling yards. The show offers a day-to-day look at this family owned and operated business, which prides itslef on the Morissey’s unstoppalbe work ethic and tight family bond.

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