2012 November 6, Featuring Local Artist and Author Miggs Burroughs and Howard Stevenson, Professor at Harvard Business School

November 6th, 2012

Guest: Miggs Burroughs, Local Artist and Author of The What If? Book of Questions to some of your most revealing answers on Love and Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Miggs is a graphic artist and photographer from Westport, Connecticut. His latest creative detour involved the writing of “What If?”, which resulted from exercises he was asked to do during counseling sessions after his divorce almost 20 years ago. The “What If?” book is an attempt to share these pithy litting musings, in the hopes that they might help others to make some fearless choices of their own.

Guest: Howard Stevenson, Professor at the Harvard Business School, discussing new book Howard’s Gift.

For more than 40 years, Howard Stevenson has been a towering figure at Havard Business School: the man who literally defined entrepreneurship and taught thousands of the world’s most successful professionals.

Howard’s Gift, written by Eric Sinoway, delivers Howard’s timeless lessons and practical guidance, inspiring readers to pursue a satisfying career and live life with no regrets. Listen to Howard (Trevor’s stepfather!) talk about the book and his experiences over the course of his remarkable career.

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