2012 March 6, featuring John Tarnoff and Victoria Costello, author of A Lethal Inheritance

March 6th, 2012

Guest: John Tarnoff’s current focus is to develop stronger ties between the Media/Entertainment industry and higher education, addressing the challenges of preparing new talent for this rapidly evolving industry in the digital age. As a consultant, he is developing strategies and programs for clients including Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters of Entertainment Industry Management graduate program,[1] the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and ACME Network, a digital distance learning company.

Previously, he served as Head of Show Development at DreamWorks Animation.

Guest: Victoria Costello,  part memoir, part scientific detective story in the tradition of “Henrietta Lacks,” in A LETHAL INHERITANCE Emmy Award-winning science writer Victoria Costello investigates her family lineage for clues to the mental unraveling of her seventeen-year-old son Alex. Eventually she ties Alex’s descent into hallucinations and months of shoeless wandering on the streets of L.A. to a dark family secret: the apparent suicide of his great-grandfather on a New York City railroad track in 1913.

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